The Happy Programmer | NuxtJS

The Happy Programmer blog.

On this website, we will cover NuxtJS concepts and try to make you an expert in NuxtJS.

What Is The Happy Programmer

The THP is a course content creator, in other words, THP will create courses where you will be able to see real-life examples. THP will try to provide these courses on websites created using each technology.

This is not the main Website for THP

The THP provides a variety of websites, the main website is The Happy Programmer each website focuses on the latest technologies, which might include NextJS, NuxtJS, SwiftUI, Flutter, and many more. Stay Tuned.

What you can learn in this website

This Happy programmer website is focused on NuxtJS. More particularly, we will follow the evolution of NuxtJS 3.0 and together learn and see it become from beta to a stable version. Furthermore, a course will be created on how this website was built step by step.

Get Started

Without further ado you need to install NuxtJS in your system, the example will be on yarn. How to install? Very easy, you can do that through your npm.

npm install --global yarn

The next step is to generate a NuxtJS project. This is how you do that.

yarn create nuxt-app <project-name>